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Personalized, Blended and Flexible

Blended learning involves leveraging the Internet to afford each student a more personalized learning experience, including increased student control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of learning.

The definition of blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns:

II_disruption_figure_1_v4_matchpdf_newat least in part through online learning, with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace;


at least in part in a supervised brick-and-mortar location away from home;


and the modalities along each student’s learning path within a course or subject are connected to provide an integrated learning experience.

Students own their learning

With the shift to virtual learning, good teaching becomes more about checking in with students to coach them on self-directed learning activities and provide targeted interventions than about covering content via video lecture. 

Digital learning makes personalized learning for every student, every day possible through rich content, simulations, collaboration tools, and production opportunities. Students use technology much like we do at work, as a tool that can help them achieve their learning goals

A more Proactive Approach

Leveraging Learner Data vs Standardized Assessments 

Rather than being stuck in the monolithic pattern of teaching a Blended approach favors teachers by affording more time for research and development of new programs and learning pathways. With the benefit of automated tests and evaluation tools teachers are able to obtain data points at every stage of each student’s learning experience. Leveraging learner data helps teachers in identifying weak and strong areas in a learner’s experience which is then used to create student-tailored learning pathways and personalized feedback. 


Launch new learning programs

Instantly develop, create or modify world-class learning experiences aimed to help inspire and meet your student study expectations.

As the Malta’s official learning platform, we’re leading the way in enabling schools and universities to offer students flexible learning options from their location, without interruption to their course and curriculum.

  1. Choose from a range of activities and educational tools
  2. Add assessments and custom certificates
  3. Communicate with your students in real-time with a powerful video conference tool Mobile-ready, so your students can learn from their mobile devices

Track Student Skills and Knowledge

Automate and use evaluation tools at your benefit to measure your students mastery levels at all stages of their learning experience



About Working with Us

We’re a team of developers and content creators with the aim to make education personalized, convenient and available for everyone.

Our platform gives schools like you the possibility to invest more time in research and all the flexibility and tools to develop the right learning methods for your students. We collaborate with you and help you all throughout the way in developing a blended learning environment with all assessments and set up the tools tailored just for you to be able to create a seamless teaching and learning experience for your teachers and students.


Keep in touch

Communicate via messaging, forums, mobile notifications. No excuses for missing deadlines!

Keep in touch

Communicate via messaging, forums, mobile notifications. No excuses for missing deadlines!

Evaluate Better!

You can only improve that which you can measure!

Tailor assessments into your teaching!

Develop formative tests and assignments or automated assessments and quizzes at every stage of your students’ learning experience.

Keep in touch

Stop chasing time! Live stream or record your lessons. Make them more accessible to students. 

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There are a lot of benefits to becoming an ILearnMalta Blended School – from leveraging digital innovation to equipping your teachers with the necessary tools to improve their students’ experience.

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